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Fee G 

Fee G -A fashion forward label from Dublin bringing vibrant colours and elegance together perfectly!! 
Style HARPER tweed jacket 676/133 £249 SALE PRICE £199 
Style AMAL top 171/147 £119 SALE PRICE £59 
Style AMAL top 171/147 in Lime £119 SALE PRICE £59 
Style LUNA 1010/54 beautiful textured a-line skirt in WHITE £149 SALE PRICE £99 
Style LUNA beautiful textured a-line skirt 1010/54 BLACK £149 SALE PRICE £99 
Style ELLA Top 560/148 Silky print top with jersey cuffs and neckline £149 SALE PRICE £99 
Style PIA 7476/137 Beautiful contrasting print dress £279 SALE PRICE £199 
Close up of the print 
Style 7477/136 Heart Dress with short sleeves and flippy hemline £219 SALE PRICE £149 
Close up of the fabric & print 
Style ELLEN 7515/139 Fabulous puff sleeve print midi dress £279 SALE PRICE £199 
Style ESME 7507/143 Beautiful silky abstract print dress £259 SALE PRICE £199 
Style VANESSA 7513/131 Fabulous shirt style dress with tie belt waist £229 SALE PRICE £169 
Style 885/13 BLAIR Beautiful short broderie dress with elasticated waist and balloon sleeve £249 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 885/13 BLAIR Fabulous short broderie dress with elasticated waist and balloon sleeve PINK £249 SALE PRICE £99 
Style JULIETTE 7469/138 Gorgeous smocked print dress with tiered hemline £229 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 7469/205 JULIETTE Fun and flirty relaxed cut dress with frill hemline and puff sleeve in Orange £229 SOLD OUT 
Style EUGENIE 7510/130 Gorgeous floral print dress with black belt £269 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 7492/205 (FAYE) Beautiful floral print maxi dress with puff sleeve in Orange £259 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 845/30 HAMPTONS Blue stripped dress with embroidered sleeves £219 SALE PRICE £69 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 802/03 (AURORA) Show stopping maxi dress with V front and back in Blue £229 SALE PRICE £89 
Style 746/10 Stunning print dress with floaty sleeves and black waistband £239 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7477/07 Silky shirt waister dress in confetti print £219 SALE PRICE £99  
Style 7425/111 Beautiful embroidered dress £279 SALE PRICE £69 
Style 7495/204 (MONICA) Super chic straight crepe dress with angel sleeve in Watermelon £219 Also available in blush SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7441/07 Beautiful silky weight dress with angel sleeves in confetti print £229 SALE PRICE £69 
Style 7493/202 (VIENNA) Beautiful silky midi dress with voluminous puff sleeve in vibrant print £199 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 887/12 (GIGI) Stunning short sparkle dress with pink tie detail back £249 SALE PRICE £69 
Style 7501/214 (JENNY) Striking print short dress with puff sleeve and high neck £229 SALE PRICE £89 
Style 884/12 (BELLA) Gorgeous sequin detail midi dress with sporty details £289 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7389/200 (ROSALIND) dress in Sand £149 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 7494/200 (JACQUELINE) Fabulous maxi dress with puff sleeve in Green £259 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7494/200 (JACQUELINE) dress in Sand £259 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 845/72 Gorgeous balloon sleeve dress in teal with embroidered sleeve £219 SALE PRICE £59 
Style 7495/204 (MONICA) Super chic straight crepe dress with angel sleeve in Blush £219 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7476/214 (PIA) Stunning embroidered maxi dress with butterfly sleeve £279 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7507/116 ESME Pink/Purple silky print dress £279 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 7472/115 KARA wrap dress in Pink/purple print £219 SALE PRICE £129 
Style 7502/215 FLORA Eye catching floral print dress with on trend frill sleeve and hemline £259 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 909/23 MAKE A WISH Black mesh embellished top £139 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 908/27 ZADIE Glitz puff sleeve top £165 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 281161 CAITLIN Stunning faux fur bomber jacket in Royal £199 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 7506/105 SALMA Fringe cocktail dress in green £219 SALE PRICE £149  
Style 7476/162 PIA Beautiful abstract print dress in pink £229 SALE PRICE £89 
Style 484/31 Celestial print top with sheer sleeves £119 SALE PRICE £69 
Style 871/69 (TANYA) Fabulous tiered midi length dress with long sleeve £195 SALE PRICE £69 
Style 803/04 STELLA Boho silky dress in Navy with beautiful tiered detail £219 SALE PRICE £69  
Style 7492/166 (FAYE) Beautiful print dress in silky fabric £249 SALE PRICE £149 
Style 7472/163 Gorgeous pink print wrap dress £199 SALE PRICE £99 
Style 858/66 Fabulous fit and flare style in magenta £199 SALE PRICE £69  
Style 858/75 Beautiful heart print chiffon tiered dress in navy £199 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 7407/114 Elegant dress with V back available in hot pink £279 SALE PRICE £79 
Style 7362/131 Elegant chic dress with chiffon overlay and soft sleeves in duck egg blue £219 SALE PRICE £69 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 7460/215 Beautiful daisy print chiffon dress with flippy hemline £229 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 874/64 YASMIN Beautiful star print blouse £129 SALE PRICE £79 
Style 169/04 Black knit with silky print front £109 ***SOLD OUT*** 
Style 169/07 Silky front top in Biscuit £109 SALE PRICE £39  
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